Top of the Town: Mrs. Monika Kohli, 52 years young model and actor, into print ads, T.V. commercials and movies

Who was your inspiration in Childhood ?

I always believed that inspiration is from inside and not from outside. Only you can inspire yourself. Outward inspirations are momentary and do not stay for very long. My parents were always there for me. But coming in to this industry, I had been my own inspiration. I want to do it so I did it. Period.

I give this credit to God who gave me the opportunity. Also to my husband, my family and my hard work and positive thinking.  I always say, “Upar Wale ka haath, Ghar walon ka saath aur positive thinking.”

Which great leaders from history or your contemporaries influenced your thought process?

I do not think so. Everybody has preached something or other. Gandhiji has preached few good things, same with Nehru ji but you always learn from your life and your experiences. It is very difficult to learn from somebody’s else life as their circumstances were different and their thought process was different.

I personally, do not like to follow anybody because this is my life and I have to mould my life. I just cannot copy anybody and just do not want to be like somebody.

When did you start working on your ambition?

I have started at the age of 43. I always wanted to do modeling since my childhood. From the age of 19, I wanted to be a model but my parents did not allow me to join modeling and got me married.

After marriage my two sons were born and I was taking care of my family. When they grew up and settled down I thought of doing something. I was 43 at that time. I thought of joining business but my husband suggested me to do something that I enjoy doing; something that I wanted to do. He told me that not just that you wanted to do something so you would join business as business has its own set of stress. Then, I wanted to learn dancing so I joined Shiamak Davar’s classes in Delhi. Again my dream of modeling was always there at the back of my mind and the God was gracious enough to give me that opportunity. I used to buy my clothes from a plus size store in Delhi and they asked me to model for their clothes. And I heartily accepted because this was something that I always wanted to do. Then there is no looking back. I had been a part of print ads, TV commercials and serials and films. Currently, I am working on a serial “Zindagi ki Mahek” on Zee TV.

What do you do in your leisure time i.e. your hobbies?

I am primarily a homemaker. I am still in a joint family. It’s a full time job and I have to take care of my whole family. And I love to be a family person. In my leisure time I am with my grand-daughter and daughter-in-law mostly. I am very grateful to God to bless me with such wonderful people around me.

Quick bites of favorites?

  1. Holiday destination – Switzerland and in India Ananda’s
  2. Book – Books authored by Daniel Steele. I basically like fiction.
  3. Movie – nothing specific as I go, watch, enjoy a movie and do not get much deeper into it.
  4. Food – I like everything preferably Chinese.
  5. Actor – I like almost everybody because everybody has something good in them.
  6. Actress – Neetu Singh. I found her very good looking and very dignified.
  7. Singer – Kishore Kumar/Mohm. Rafi
  8. Song – “Aa chal ke tujhe main le ke chaloo ek aise gagan ke tale”

What is your fitness regime?

I do one hour yoga, 20 min. of cycling, 20 min. of walk, 20 min. of cross trainer. So, basically I work out for 2 hrs. daily. But whenever I am in shooting, this regime is disturbed a little bit.

To look good, your outward appearance is not at all important. What is important is your internal happiness. So, I just like to be happy and contented.  I also feel smile is the best thing God has given us which never goes out of fashion, which suits everybody, does not cost anything to anyone.

Who all are there in your immediate family?

My husband, Mr. Rakesh Kohli, Chairman Stag International.

My two sons, daughter-in-law and my grand-daughter, my mother-in-law, my mother all stay together.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

Since, I work in Delhi, Mumbai and other places, the moment my work is finished I rush back to my home anyhow. Like I am just back yesterday night and today I was with my family and in night again leaving for the shoot. But during this short span I was with my husband as he was little unwell. I must say that God is very kind to me as whenever I need time for anything urgent, God makes time for that.

Who is your best friend and his/her good qualities?

I have a friend Arvinder (Gunna). She is my neighbor and the best part is we are totally different from each other but we are very good friends. We do not complaint with each other and are always available for each other unconditionally.

What one thing makes you very angry?

I get very angry at somebody who lies.

What one thing makes you very happy?

If I see people around me happy, I feel very happy. I am also very happy listening to music and I love to listen music at a loud pitch.

What accomplishments of your life you are proud of?

First of all I am proud of myself what I am today. This does not mean that I am self conceited. I have no regrets in my life. People ask me that you got married so early but I got a good husband and good family so what is the regret. Then people also ask me that I could have started earlier my acting career. But I feel that this is the right time.

I do not have very long term goals. I always make short term goals. Whatever little success I get I am very happy about it. I celebrate that success.

What are your contributions to your city Meerut?

In my age group, I had joined the industry and made a name as I represent my city.

I keep going and attending all sorts of programs in Meerut. I also take personality development classes free of cost. I want people of Meerut to groom themselves and move out to represent Meerut at different locales. I want to boost up their confidence. I also go to various finishing institutes and B-schools to conduct classes.

What are your future goals?

As I told you that I have very short term goals. I do not think much about future. Whatever best I could give today I give that.

One line that defines you in totality?

I am very “happy go lucky kind “person. I love to meet people, love to make friends and enjoy simple little things of life.

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