Top of the town: Dr. Vishwajeet Bembi, renowned Physician and Social Worker

Dr.Vishwajeet Bembi, renowned Physician and Social Worker

Who was your inspiration in Childhood ?

My mother was my inspiration in my childhood and she is still my inspiration. My brother had also played a very significant role as an inspirational force in all my deeds. He is an Air force officer and at present Group Captain posted at Delhi.

Which great leaders from history or your contemporaries influenced your thought process?

I am very much inspired by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra bose, Narendra Modi of course. They were all Baagis. They had done something that is extra ordinary which was not simple and not contemporary to those times also. Like S C Bose formed India National Army which was an uphill task in those times. Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life for the country and its independence. Sardar Patel tried to unify whole of India which was a major task. Since my childhood I was also impressed by Gandhi ji, but somehow his interference in politics does not appeal me.

When did you start working on your ambition?

My mother gave me a dream of becoming a doctor. She wanted to see me as a Doctor and serve humanity.

Pahel ek Prayas was born when I was thinking of doing something for the nation and for the society.

I am very fond of traveling and I had visited more than 30 countries so far. Whenever I visited countries I used to feel that there is a huge need of improving the sanitation in our country to bring our country to global standards. I always used to think why my country is so filthy. And the answer to this question was not possible without doing anything extraordinary for it.

Most of my colleagues had shifted to international places like USA, Canada, and Australia etc. They asked me to shift there as well. But I wanted to be in India and do something for India only.

I was always inclined toward social service. So I decided to start Pahel ek Prayas and work toward the betterment of the sanitation conditions here.

What do you do in your leisure time i.e. your hobbies?

Being a doctor I usually do not find much leisure time. I only get time when I go out of the system mostly on a vacation. Whenever I feel the need of leisure time I go out of Meerut, mostly travel abroad to different locations of my interest.

I am very fond of traveling knowing about new places, new cultures and learn from them.

Quick bites of favorites?

  1. Holiday destination – Every time its new. Any place in Europe
  2. Book – I haven’t read from very long.
  3. Movie – Bandini, Waaris
  4. Food – Makke ki roti and Sarson ka saag
  5. Actor – Ranbir Kapoor
  6. Actress – Sonam Kapoor
  7. Singer – Arijit Singh, Lata Mangeshkar, Manna De
  8. Song – All Songs of Arijit, O re Maanjhi from Bandhini

What is your fitness regime?

I do “Shram Daan” every Sunday for two hours. Usually I tried to walk on foot when visiting hospitals and avoid taking lifts. I had also joined gym but it was not sustainable.

Who all are there in your immediate family?

My wife, she is a radiologist. I had a daughter just one month back and named her Pahel. My parents also stay with me.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

Actually, I am unable to work-life balance. But my wife is very caring and she understands my routine well and she supports and takes care of the whole family.

She also supports me in my social Endeavour and goes to Pahel spots with me.

We spend that time together

Who is your best friend and his/her good qualities?

I have lots of friends. But my best buddy is Dr Rohit kamboj. He is more like a brother to me. Shubham, my assistant is also very close to me and I treat him as my son. I am a very sentimental person so I developed relationships with everybody and believe in sustaining them.

What one thing makes you very angry?

Seeing people Unhygienic. I just cannot tolerate filthiness, uncleanliness, and unhygienic conditions.

What one thing makes you very happy?

Cultured, honest and truthful people.

What accomplishments of your life you are proud of?

I am proud of the happiness I give to my patients. My patients come from as far as 300 kms. There are innumerable patients with in the range of 100 kms. I feel very satisfied to treat them. I had no Godfather in this profession and I have earned so much respect through my patients. They are my biggest asset. The love and respect that I get from my patients gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

What are your contributions to your city Meerut?

My contribution to my city Meerut is Pahel ek Prayas.

I am also secretary of NMO and I do seva every Sunday where I treat poor patients without any fees.

What are your future goals?

Actually, I want to do full time social work. After I retire from all my responsibilities, I would engage in full time social work.

I would never ever go in politics as some people feel so. But this is never my aim and I would never join politics.

One line that defines you in totality?

Physician by occupation, Against casteism, Non religious, Firm believer in Indian cultural values



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