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Will black money increase in India ?

Don’t panic !! Don’t over react and buy gold at high price !! Don’t sell your 500 and 1000 notes for less. Your hard earned money will be converted and not even a single rupee will be wasted. The turbulence will soon settle down.

I feel black money will increase in our country, it’s just a transfer from one hand to another. Yes many lower middle class and middle class will make some money in this bargain. 

Government plans to earn the undisclosed 13.5 lac crore and feels that 5 lac crore will never come out and will be savings of government but it will not happen. Government will save maximum 50k crore to 1 lac crore but the question is .. is it worth ?? 

Is it worth to trouble the 1.3 billion Indian population for 1 lac people. The research shows not more than 1 lac people in our country will have high reserves of 500 and 1000 notes , so why trouble whole country. 

All the money will be converted and again kept in the same way with lower space. 

If laws are made there is a way to break it. So keep searching and don’t panic. 

Soon I will be posting on ways to save your hard earned so called black money ?

Vishal Jain