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B. Chandrakala, IAS , DM Meerut filling form for Guinness World Record


B. Chandralekha, IAS , DM Meerut filling form for guinness world record for Longest painting by numbers. The painting will be of 1300 meter long and will break the previous record of 959.35 m (3147 ft 5 in) long and is entitled “Birds and Wetlands” . In this record breaking attempt the theme would be “Aquarium” which will be made by 3000-4000 people.

B. Chandrakala after resuming the charge as DM Meerut has been innovative in doing things to make people of meerut more constructive and positive. She is all ready to have ” I Love Meerut” week where all citizens of Meerut where ever on globe they are to participate constructively. The details will be available soon.

She being the Vice Chairman of the world record creating committee requested to participate in this record breaking event. The details could be found from http://guinnessrecordbymeerut.com/ .

The registration form for the event also could be found on the above mentioned site.