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Top 10 of CBSE XII – 2017

It was to the surprise that Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth, Meerut , got into top 5 schools of Meerut, top 10 marks of students in Meerut in all streams and in top 3 of Science stream and in top 3 of commerce stream.

The toppers are from these 5 schools

Dewan Public School
KL International School
Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth, Meerut
Police Modern School

The name of to 10 students of Meerut district are :

  1. Ramya Kaushik -Humanities,  Dewan Public School
  2. Rishabh Shrivastava -Science ,  Dewan Public School
  3. Riya singh -Humanities, MPGS
  4. Divyanshi Agarwal – Science Dewan Public School
  5. Rishabh kumar -Humanities,, Police Modern School
  6. Prstham Shukla –  Science, Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth
  7. Sonali Tandon -Humanities,KL
  8. Kivim -Humanities, Dewan Public School
  9. Arnav -Humanities, Dewan Public School
  10. Sanjana -Humanities, KL
  11. Urvashi -Humanities, MPGS

Chairman CBSE cracks biggest scam at CBSE

CBSE is an education board conducting examinations for class XII and X. Shri R. K. Chaturvedi IAS Chairman CBSE found out that there were 3 sets of question papers framed for Delhi , All India and rest of the world. It came to his surprise that these 3 papers had different difficulty level and moderations after exams. 

Delhi paper was easier , all India toughest and rest of the world easiest. This difficulty level difference enabled the students of delhi to score more marks and get college seats based on marks of class XII. 

Whole education fraternity and students across India are shocked with what was happening at CBSE. 

To another shock it was known to him that these three sets had different moderation level which hugely benefitted delhi students. This year moderation of delhi : all india is 14:8.  

Chairman has ordered to make examination pattern same for all students of the country and CBSE without any discrimination. 

CBSE chairman recently finished off CCE pattern and started again old Board examinations system. Students and parents across the nation are happy and are praising it.  

Vishal Jain

Editor , School of Educators