On the occasion of Babri Masjid demolition anniversary, both Shiv Sena and Muslim League stage protest with separate demands

Meerut: Tuesday witnessed protests from both Hindu and Muslim organisations on the occasion of Babri Mosque demolition anniversary. While the Shiv Sena demanded the construction of a Ram Temple, members of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) raised slogans in support of construction of mosque.
The IUML used the occasion to stage a demonstration at the District Magistrate’s (DM’s) office. “It has been many years but we are still hopeful of justice in this case. A national monument was brought down while the government stood by and watched. The Constitution of India assures equal rights to all citizens irrespective of their religious beliefs. The demolition of the Babri masjid was equivalent to contempt of the Constitution. Yet, not everybody has been brought to book”, said Mohammed Arshad of the IUML.

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“We have written a letter to the President of India, demanding that the Babri masjid be constructed again at the same spot, and that all those responsible for the demolition be punished”, Arshad further added.
On the other hand, the Shiv Sena also protested at the DM’s office, their reasons and demands being completely the opposite. “Babar was a foreign invader who demolished the Ram temple that stood in Ayodhya. The High Court has also accepted that it is the spot were Sri Ram was born. The government at the Centre since 2014, is a government of Ram Devotees. They should expedite the process of building the Ram temple. Acche din should also arrive for Ram Lalla”, said Dharmendra Tomar, Meerut District chief, Shiv Sena.
“It is a day for celebration, as the Babri masjid was brought down this day. We celebrate it as victory day. We took out a victory march and distributed sweets on the occasion. We have also written a letter to our Prime Minister, demanding that a grand Ram temple be built in Ayodhya honouring Sri Ram and Indian culture. His name will go down in history if he is able to do so”, Tomar said.

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