Impacting Lives of Beginners: Mrs. Neena Bhatia, Principal ABC Public School


Who was your inspiration in Childhood ?

My father was my inspiration in Childhood. He always preached us that luck sure comes at the door and knocks too but your efforts would turn it into fruitful rewards. The seeds of luck would turn into big tree of fruits.

Which great leaders from history or your contemporaries influenced your thought process?

Maharani Laxmibai, who got married when she was only nine years old. She fought so bravely with British. Her zeal to fight inspires me to fight with the problems that I face in my life. I started to face problems with bravery and started winning too.

When did you start working on your ambition?

It all started when I went for my son and daughter’s admission in Sunbeam School. The school principal offered me a job in teaching and that marked the beginning of my journey. Mrs. Edward, principal of Sunbeam school still appreciative of me and this gives me courage to go ahead.

What do you do in your leisure time i.e. your hobbies?

Whenever I am free, I like to pray to God. I sing bhajans and would like to read moralful books to follow them in my life. I believe that “if you do not forsake your ideal, the ideal will never forsake us”.

Quick bites of favorites?

  1. Holiday destination – Staying for some days near Ganga River (Haridwar)
  2. Book – Moral Education Books
  3. Movie – Bhagwan, Avatar
  4. Food – Chole chawal, kadhi, rajma
  5. Actor – Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna
  6. Actress – Vyjayanti Mala, Hema mailini
  7. Singer – Lata Mangeshkar
  8. Song – “Jeevan Ek Tamasha hai, asha aur nirasha hai. Apna apna hissa hai, apna apna kssa hai”

What is your fitness regime?

Keeping the charm of doing all work properly is my fitness regime. I believe in doing things honestly as I feel that God is watching me.

Who all are there in your immediate family?

My husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter. My mother who is 87 years old and my youngest brother also stays with me. I had tried to do best with all my duties and God has been very graceful to me in fulfilling my duties.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

By the blessing of God and with the nature to care for all. It helps in maintaining work life balance.

Who is your best friend and his/her good qualities?

Nishi Luthra is my best friend. The best part is she keeps her calm in all type of situations whether good or bad.

What one thing makes you very angry?

By looking at careless students, who do not pay attention in class and miss out on important and useful things. This really annoys me.

What one thing makes you very happy?

Morning bed tea given to me by my husband makes me very happy. I am very thankful to God for giving me such a caring, loving, supporting, understanding and honest life partner.

What accomplishments of your life you are proud of?

I am proud of being able to successfully keep the balance between my family and professional life. I am thankful to God for letting me the opportunity to impact life of so many children. I feel a part of their successful life and feel proud of.

What are your contributions to your city Meerut?

I had been very lucky to be associated with students and impacting their lives in positive manner. I had a role in their bright career. Also I had the opportunity to work with many ladies and helped them to live life respectfully. I always believed that we cannot change others, in fact we have to change ourselves to adjust with them for getting the peace in our lives.

What are your future goals?

I wanted to be known as an honest person who lived her life for the welfare of others.

One line that defines you in totality?

I think one line preached by Mahatma Gandhi would define my life in totality  that life is being meaningful only when you live your life for others and not for yourself only.




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