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Israel’s attorney general indicts PM Netanyahu on corruption charges

Netanyahu is suspected of wrongfully accepting $264,000 worth of gifts, which prosecutors said included cigars and champagne, from tycoons and of dispensing favours in alleged bids for improved coverage by Israel’s biggest selling newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, and the Walla website.

Israel charges policewoman for shooting Palestinian in back

Turkey re-convicts journalists despite higher court ruling

The judgement against 12 ex-staffers from Cumhuriyet was described as “scandalous” by rights groups, and further evidence of the sweeping crackdown on media freedom under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Report on FBI’s Russia probe to be released next month

Witness denounces ‘fictional’ Ukraine election interference

Fiona Hill, a career expert on Russia, and David Holmes, a State Department official in Kyiv who was a late addition to the probe, are capping an intense week of testimony in the historic inquiry.

US confirms freed Taliban hostages on German soil

American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks landed overnight at the US Air Force’s Ramstein airbase in western Germany, and will be staying nearby “for a period of evaluation and reintegration”, the US official said.

Democrats scorch each other in circular fire

Chilean security forces ‘intentionally’ attacked protesters to ‘punish’ them: Amnesty

Chilean police and soldiers backed by their commanders have carried out “generalized” attacks on people protesting over inequality with the intention of “punishing and harming” them, Amnesty International said in a report published on Thursday.

IAEA urges Iran to explain uranium particles at undeclared site

IAEA said in a report made public last week that its inspectors had “detected natural uranium particles of anthropogenic origin at a location in Iran not declared to the agency”. The particles are understood to be the product of uranium which has been mined and undergone initial processing, but not enriched.

Opposition Labour Party unveils radical socialist plan for Britain

“It’s time to take on the vested interests holding people back,” Corbyn said in the foreward to the election manifesto. “The future is ours to make.” “The big polluters, financial speculators and corporate tax-dogers have had a free ride for too long,” he said.