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Bid to end the fear of jail time under GST regime

NEW DELHI: India is proposing to dilute the provisions of arrest under the proposed goods and services tax (GST) to ensure there is no ‘raid raj’ under the new tax regime.

Offences dealing with non-payment of tax or forgery of up to Rs 2 crore would be made bailable. “This issue has been discussed…The plan now is to make offence of tax evasion or forgery of up to Rs 2 crore bailable,” said a senior government official privy to the deliberations of the GST Council, the apex decision-making body for the upcoming tax regime.

This means the accused will get bail immediately. That will make the provisions lighter than those in the Indian Penal Code which treat cheating or forgery as a non-bailable offence under Section 420. The move follows apprehensions raised by some states that under the proposed GST regime, tax officials may get unlimited power for prosecution and arrest, leading to harassment of businesses.

“There can be interpretational issues because of which a trader may not pay tax, but he should not be arrested for this,” said another government official.

“There is a need to relook at the provisions to ensure that there is no rampant misuse of powers at the ground level as GST would deal with small traders.”

Most states do not have arrest provisions in their framework for value added tax. Under service tax rules, arrest provisions kick in for evasion of more than Rs 2 crore, while in excise, the trigger is Rs 50 lakh.

“Given that GST aims to tax small dealers and service providers, a high threshold needs to be kept for any stringent provisions of arrest to be evoked to avoid misuse and undue hardship to small taxpayers,” said Bipin Sapra, a partner at EY.

However, there is a view that there should be stringent punishment for those who collect tax but do not deposit it with the government above a certain threshold. Provisions under the existing model GST law are more inclined towards those in excise law.

Under the proposed law, offences recognised as ‘cognizable and non-bailable’ for ‘arrest’ are those where the amount of tax evaded (including wrong input tax credit and refund taken wrongly) exceeds Rs 1 crore.

These include supply of goods or services without issue of invoice or gross misdeclaration in description of supply on invoice, to intentionally evade tax, issue of invoice for supply of goods or services in violation of GST laws leading to wrongly availing credit or duty refund, collection of tax but not depositing it with the government within three months, collection of any tax in contravention of GST laws and non-payment to the government and taking or utilising input tax credit without actual receipt of goods or services.

Suitable changes would be carried out in the GST legislations to ensure that there is no misuse of such provisions, the official said.

Experts also pitch for changes to the existing provisions. “The proposed provision of arrest seems to be wider than what currently exists for service tax laws and is closer to what we have under excise … Government should consider some measures to ensure that ‘arrest powers’ are not abused by the tax officials,” said Pratik Jain, leader-indirect tax at PwC India.

GST seeks to replace multiple taxes on goods and services levied by the Centre such as excise duty and service tax and states such as value added tax, purchase tax and electricity duty into a single tax creating a seamless national market.

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Fawad’s daughter Elayna is as cute as a button

Fawad Khan’s daughter Elayna makes her first social media appearance​

Russia to upgrade its naval, air bases in Syria

MOSCOW: Russia plans to improve and expand its naval and air bases in Syria, Interfax news agency reported on Sunday, citing an unnamed source, as Moscow cements its presence in the Middle Eastern country, its only overseas military deployment.

The source told Interfax that Russia will start repairing a second runway at Hmeimin air base near Latakia, while the Tartus naval base will be upgraded in order to handle bigger ships such as cruisers.

President Vladimir Putin has announced a partial withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria, where they have been helping forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. But Moscow wants to retain a permanent presence both in Hmeimin and Tartus.

The source also told Interfax that Russia will still deploy S-300 surface-to-air defence systems and Bastion coastal missile launchers in Tartus.

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कैंट सीट पर भाजपा की 27 सालों की नाबाद पारी चलती रहेगी या होंगे क्लीन बोल्ड ?

मेरठ : कैंट विधानसभा क्षेत्र में बसपा व सपा को छोड़कर अभी तक किसी दूसरे दल ने अपना उम्मीदवार घोषित नहीं किया है। जबकि, इस सीट पर भाजपा के दर्जनभर दावेदार हैं, जो अपनी जीत का गणित आलाकमान को सौंपकर टिकट पाने की चाह में लगे हैं। इस विधानसभा में 4 लाख 9 सौ 22 मतदाता हैं। इस सीट पर करीब दो दशक से भाजपा का कब्जा चला आ रहा है। इस सीट पर सबसे अधिक संख्या वैश्य समाज, पंजाबी समाज, ब्राहमण समाज, जाट समाज, मुस्लिम समाज व दलित समाज की है। इस सीट को इन्हीं जातियों के मतदाता निर्णायक भूमिका अदा करते आ रहे हैं। मिशन-2017 में भाजपा की करीब दो दशकों से चली आ रही बादशाहत को दूसरे दल भेद पाएंगे या नहीं यह तो अभी भविष्य के गर्भ में हैं।

कैंट विधानसभा सीट पर 4 लाख 9 सौ 22 मतदाता हैं। जिनमें वैश्य समाज करीब 58 हजार, पंजाबी समाज करीब 45 हजार, मुस्लिम करीब 40 हजार, जाट करीब 32 हजार, ब्राहमण समाज व दलित समाज करीब २० हजार, यादव समाज, गुर्जर समाज, त्यागी समाज भी इस सीट करीब 10-10 हजार की आबादी के साथ है। इसके अलावा कई और जातियां भी उक्त सीट पर हैं। इस सीट की निर्णायक भूमिका में वैश्य, पंजाबी, जाट बिरादरी की भूमिका अहम रहती है। इस सीट पर वर्ष 1989 से लेकर आज तक भाजपा का उम्मीदवार ही जितता आ रहा है। इस सीट पर बसपा ने पूर्व विधायक सतेंद्र सौलंकी पर अपना दांव खेला है। वहीं सपा ने आरती अग्रवाल को अपना चेहरा बनाया है। बता दें पहले बसपा से इस सीट से प्रशांत चौधरी को मैदान में उतारा गया था, लेकिन किन्ही कारणों के चलते उसका टिकट काटकर सतेंद्र सौलंकी को दे दिया गया।

ऐसा ही कुछ हाल सपा का है, यहां भी पहले परविन्दर ईशु को मैदान में उतारा गया था, लेकिन उसे हटाकर उसके स्थान पर आरती अग्रवाल को उम्मीदवार घोषित कर दिया गया। इस सीट पर कांग्रेस के रमेश ढिगरा, सरदार मनजीत सिंह कोछड़, पंकज गोयल के अलावा भी कई दावेदार हैं। वहीं भाजपा से मुकेश सिंघल, अमित अग्रवाल, सत्यप्रकाश अग्रवाल, जयकरण गुप्ता, विनित शारदा अग्रवाल, हरिकांत अहलुवालिया, अजय गुप्ता आदि दावेदार लाइन में हैं। बसपा ने सतेंद्र सौलंकी पर अपना दांव खेला है कि वह जाट, दलित व अन्य बिरादरी को एकजुट करने में कामयाब होंगे। वहीं सपा ने आरती अग्रवाल पर भरोसा जताया है कि वह वैश्य वोटों के साथ ही मुस्लिम मतदाताओं को लुभाने में शायद सफलता हासिल कर ले। वहीं अगर सपा-कांग्रेस व रालोद का महागठबंधन हुआ तो इस सीट के समीकरण भी बिगड़ते हैं। अब देखना है कि इस भाजपा के कैंट रूपी चक्रव्यूह को कौन सा दल भेद पाएगा या फिर इस सीट पर एक बार फिर भाजपा का ही परचम लहरायेगा। यह तो अभी भविष्य के गर्भ में हैं।

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Iraqi forces enter Mosul varsity in battling IS for city

MOSUL (IRAQ): Iraqi special forces entered Mosul University on Friday in their latest advance along the eastern front as they battle Islamic State militants for control of the city, according to senior Iraqi officers.

The troops entered the university grounds in the morning hours and by afternoon, they had taken control of a neighborhood on the northeastern edge of the university compound and the technical institute within the campus, according to special forces Brig. Gen. Haider Fadhil and Maj. Gen. Sami al-Aridi.

“We broke through the terrorists’ defenses and we destroyed their lines and their units and their bases,” said al-Aridi, who was overseeing the assault Friday.

The university is located in the eastern section of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city which is divided by the Tigris River into roughly an eastern and a western half.

Sgt. Saad Jabar said that over the past two years since IS seized Mosul in a 2014 blitz that captured much of northern and western Iraq, the militants have had time to prepare for an assault by Iraqi forces, building tunnels and getaways across the city, including on the university grounds.

“They had reinforced their positions and had plans. They knew where to come in and where to get out,” Jabar said.

The push into Mosul University came a day after Iraqi army forces north of the city linked up with troops pushing in from the city’s eastern edge. Iraqi forces have largely surrounded Mosul, but the most significant advances on the city have come from the eastern front and in the eastern half of the city. IS still controls Mosul’s west.

The university, founded in the 1960s, was one of the top educational institutions in Iraq, drawing students from all over the country and reflecting the city’s once diverse ethnic makeup. As the security situation in Mosul deteriorated following the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, enrollments declined.

After the city fell to IS in the summer 2014, the sprawling complex was shuttered, most of the professors fled and the university was quickly converted into a base by the militants who used its medical and engineering departments.

Residents fleeing Mosul say the university had been largely destroyed by airstrikes and artillery fire. The US-led coalition said that since Dec. 29, coalition planes have dropped at least 43 munitions on the university in a series of strikes targeting laboratories IS used to research chemical weapons, buildings used to build car bombs and other IS command and control points.

The U.S.-led coalition supporting the Iraqi forces offensive on Mosul told The Associated Press on Friday that the Islamic State group “warped the purpose of a beloved institution of higher learning when they used the university for military purposes.”

“The entire university has been burned,” said Muhammad Dhia, a 26-year-old former university student who was fleeing Mosul on Thursday to try and complete his studies in Baghdad.

“I think it will take at least two or three years to rebuild,” he added.

Iraqi special forces Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi told the AP it was unclear if the complex was still being used as an IS base. Under heavy bombardment from US-led coalition airstrikes, IS has repeatedly moved bases out of government buildings and under cover of civilians. Earlier this month, Iraqi forces retook a hospital that had been converted into an IS base.

Regardless, al-Saadi said retaking the university would be a major symbolic victory in the fight for Mosul.

As the Mosul operation enters its fourth month, Iraqi forces have retaken about a third of the city that has been under tight IS control for more than two years. While Iraqi officials initially pledged the city would be “liberated” this year, the fight is likely last many more months.

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CBSE Class 12 exams 2017: Datesheet released

cbse 12th exam 2016, cbse date sheet, cbse 12 exam date, cbse 2017 exam, cbse board exam, 12th exam, xii date sheet, csbe date sheeet, cbse time tableThe exams will start from March 9, 2017 and will continue until the end of April. (Express photo)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the datesheet for the senior secondary certificate examination, 2016. The exams will start from March 9, 2017 and will continue until the end of the next month (April 29, 2017).

Last year, a total of 10,65,179 students had appeared for class XII examination. This year there are 10,98,420 students appearing for the paper. The number of schools have also increased as compared to last year with 10677 have registered for the exam. In 2015, 10093 schools participated.

The exams will begin at 10.30 am. To download the date sheet, log on to the official website of CBSE (

CBSE Class 12 Exams 2017 Date Sheet



परीक्षा से पहले हंगामा, डेट शीट बदली

pariksha se phele
फाइल फोटोPC: अमर उजाला
सीसीएसयू की दिसंबर 2016 सेमेस्टर की परीक्षा मेरठ और सहारनपुर मंडल के 75 परीक्षा केंद्रों पर मंगलवार से शुरू हो रही हैं। परीक्षा से एक दिन पहले छात्रों ने एलएलबी और एलएलएम की डेट शीट में बदलाव की मांग को लेकर विवि में हंगामा किया। दोनों स्कीम में संशोधन कर दिया गया है। संशोधित स्कीम विवि की वेबसाइट पर अपलोड कर दी गई है। परीक्षा से जुड़ी जानकारी लेने के लिए कंट्रोल रूम में बनाया गया है। एक लाख से अधिक छात्र-छात्राएं परीक्षा देंगे।

एबीवीपी ने सोमवार को एलएलबी फर्स्ट सेमेस्टर और और पांचवें सेमेस्टर के पेपर एक साथ पड़ने पर विरोध किया। उन्होंने कहा कुछ छात्र बैक परीक्षा दे रहे हैं, उनके सामने समस्या है इसलिए स्कीम बदली जाए। एलएलएम में भी यह मांग उठाई गई। रजिस्ट्रार दीप चंद्र से डेट शीट बदलने की मांग की गई। शाम को विवि ने डेट शीट में बदलाव कर दिया। परीक्षा नियंत्रक की ओर से संशोधित स्कीम विवि की वेबसाइट पर अपलोड कर दी गई है। परीक्षा में सेमेस्टर सिस्टम के तहत चल रहे ट्रेडिशनल कोर्स, एलएलबी तीन वर्षीय, एलएलएम, बीएससी होम साइंस और बीएससी एग्रीकल्चर के पेपर होने हैं। सेमेस्टर परीक्षा के पेपर 10 जनवरी से शुरू हो रहे हैं। प्रोफेशनल कोर्स की परीक्षा 16 जनवरी से शुरू हो रहे हैं। एडमिट कार्ड विवि की वेबसाइट से डाउनलोड किए जा सकते हैं।

बीएड सेक्शन में हंगामा
बीएड सेक्शन में मार्कशीट को लेकर छात्रों ने हंगामा किया। परेशान कर्मचारियों ने इसकी शिकायत कुलपति प्रो. एनके तनेजा से की। कर्मचारियों ने स्टॉफ की कमी बताई। परीक्षा फार्म भरने की वजह से इन दिनों मार्कशीट लेने के लिए विवि में छात्रों की भीड़ आ रही है।

कंट्रोल रूम बनाया
परीक्षा संबंधी जानकारी लेने के लिए विवि ने प्रशासनिक भवन के कमरा नंबर 201 में कंट्रोल रूम बनाया है। छात्र सुबह आठ से शाम आठ बजे तक 0121-6450760, 7455023166, 8171317272, 9837423496 नंबर पर संपर्क कर सकते हैं।

Actor’s actor Om Puri redefined idea of male lead

Om Puri, whose haunting eyes and deafening silence captured the history of violence endured by an ordinary tribal in Aakrosh (1980) and whose portrayal of an upright cop simmering with coiled rage in Ardh Satya (1983) vaulted him to the pantheon of cinema’s finest performers, passed away on Friday.