91-year-old Meerut man visits birthplace in Pakistan

MEERUT:A 91-year-old man from Meerut whose last wish was to visit Sheikhupura in Pakistan was overwhelmed with the heart-warming response he received from the people across the border.
Amid the mounting tension between the two neighbouring countries, Krishan Kumar Khanna got a Pakistani visa after a leading newspaper carried a story about him in April this year.
91-year-old Meerut man visits birthplace in Pakistan
Sheikhupura is the place where Khanna grew up before the Partition. He and his family members were rescued from the rioters by the Army at the time.
“I am still awestruck by the warm welcome I received in Lahore and Sheikhupura, where locals addressed me as the ‘real owner’ of the house and shops that once belonged to my family,” he was quoted in a TOI report.
“I just had to say, I am from Hindustan and their eyes would light up,” he said, adding, “People in Pakistan gave me the kind of love and respect that I had never imagined,” Khana was further quoted in the report.
“My perception about the people there has changed. All those I met had nothing against India or Indians. It is politics that has ruined everything,” he was quoted.

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